Services Offered

80% of people will experience severe back pain at some point in their life.  We have a process that not only alleviates the pain, but actually corrects the root cause of the problem. Our goal is guide people and help them restore health and wellness for a lifetime. 

The root problem is often a mis-alignment in the spine known in chiropractic as a subluxation. Subluxation's happen as a result of accidents, injuries, bad posture, poor sleeping habits, and even the birth process for both the mother and the child.  The spinal mis-alignment or subluxation will often be tender to touch, and feel stuck upon spinal palpation.  Range of motion is often decreased and painful.  X-rays will often reveal bad alignment as well as degeneration. 

With a comprehensive history, examination, x-rays, and digital posture scan, we can confidently diagnose spinal subluxation and prescribe a course of chiropractic adjustments that will not only alleviate pain, but actually correct the spine back to normal in most cases. 

We adjust newborn babies, 100 year old great grandparents and everyone in between.

Along with specific chiropractic adjustments, we also have recommendations for stretches and exercises, as well as nutritional recommendations. 

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