What To Expect

After initial paperwork is completed, a tour of the office is conducted. Dr. Shane or Dr. Hayden will begin the examination by reviewing your chief complaint, history, and any accidents you have been involved in.  Seated spinal palpation is conducted, and a series of four specific x-rays will be taken on our state of the art digital x-ray.  A digital posture scan and weight balance test will also be performed. 

A report of findings will be performed to thoroughly explain what good and bad spinal alignment looks like and how we can best help you.

After the report of findings, your individual findings will be discussed.  If we do find spinal mis-alignments called subluxation, a plan of care, including cost will be given to you that is designed to correct the problem. Specific stretches, exercises and nutritional recommendations will be given as well.

If we can accept your case, we will perform a chiropractic adjustment after the report. Specific stretches and home care instructions will be given.

Chiropractic care is a process. Remember it takes time to correct the spine and relieve symptoms.